Falls Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT)

Ok, so we’re not talking toga and beer pong, but we think FRATs can be just as cool!

What is a FRAT?

A FRAT is a validated tool that has been tested by researchers to be effective in specifying the causes of falls in an individual. By using data from the person we are assessing, we can measure their likelihood of a fall.

When does someone need a FRAT?

If a person is considered at high risk for falls after screening, a health professional should conduct a falls risk assessment to obtain a more detailed analysis of the individual’s risk of falling. Anyone who has some of the risk factors, or could have risk factors for a fall, should be assessed. Some of those risk factors include the persons age, previous falls, medications that may alter their mental or physical status, psychological and cognitive factors, vision and sensory, continence and nutrition impacts. People who use substances, have pre-existing mobility issues or live in cluttered environments are at additional risk of falling and injury.

What’s the benefit if there aren’t going to be kegs?

Great question! Falls can be reduced by 30 to 40% using multi-disciplinary assessment, followed by multi-factorial interventions in the home. By identifying the risk associated with a person falling, we can mitigate or reduce those risks by planning interventions. And we’re not talking family meddling in your wine consumption type intervention.

Interventions may include reducing clutter and laying out the environment for the person, working with the GP to reduce polypharmacy, having a physio provide support with mobility or an OT to provide adaptive equipment.

Conducting a falls risk assessment is of no value if interventions are not followed through based on its findings. There is no one falls risk assessment tool recommended for use in all situations although something is better than nothing.

 Remember, risk assessments identify potential harm which can take down your consumers, your staff, and your business. Get in touch with us today to immediately reduce risk in your organisation.