1. The action or fact of complying with a wish or command. 

“the ways in which the state maintains order and compliance” 


yielding · capitulation · agreement · acceptance · consent · accession 

2. Find out what the government wants and do that thing.

Yes, that’s right, compliance is lame.

See also deficient · dissatisfactory · ill · inferior · lousy · off · paltry · poor · punk · sour · suboptimal · subpar. 

 Whoa. What?

You see, quality and patient safety goes far beyond meeting legislative standards. Care excellence is demonstrated by communicating effectively, appreciating partnerships and collaboration, having superior clinical judgment, being organised and efficient, connecting with consumers, committing to continued growth and development, and being professional and humanistic. It’s about consumer satisfaction and providing value-based services. And it’s delivering a superior product or service that, gasp, goes above and beyond the basic level of government criterion. 

If your approved provider organisation has a compliance officer, I challenge you to look at their KPIs. Is the measurement and identification of risk over and above the aged care quality standards with the development and implementation of a QMS that is designed to assess accountability and performance for risk owners in there? 

Quality, safe, clinical excellence is not the job of the nurse, or the care staff, or the CEO, or the “Compliance Officer”. Identifying risk and building a strong capable workforce within an organisation that is risk aware and diligent are processes built on the back of a strong governance model which goes way above and beyond the eight Aged Care Quality Standards. So, before accreditation and catastrophic risk take you down, reach out to an expert in quality and patient safety and be better and more resilient than the next guy. 

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